Las Vegas Apparel Café

Concessions are 2-4pm Sunday through Tuesday at the LVA Cafe in the center of the show floor.

South Hall


Seasonal Fruit Cup {GF} {V} ($6)
Cubed Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Watermelon, Grapes & Pineapple
Greek Yogurt Parfait {V} ($6.5)
Plain Greek Yogurt layered with house made granola, seasonal berry compote drizzled with honey
Whole Fruit ($2.5)
Assorted whole fruit including Bananas and Oranges
Muffins ($3)
Otis Spunkmeyer 6oz Muffins
Candy ($3)
Assorted candy offering including M&M’s and Snickers
Cookies ($3)
An assortment of gourmet cookies
Chips ($3)
Varying Chip options including healthy variety’s
Pastry ($3.25)
Prepackaged gourmet pastries


Soda ($2.5)
Assorted Bottled Coke & Pepsi products
Water ($3)
Assorted Bottled Water
Tea ($3)
Sweetened and Unsweetened Bottled Iced Tea
Energy drinks ($5)
Assorted Energy Drinks with Monster or Rockstar Brands